What is WollyMC?

Minecraft servers allow you or your children to play with friends or other people around the world to connect, play and have fun together. A minecraft server has lots of possibilities; from building the most creative things to intense player versus player battles.

At WollyMC we focus on the community and being different from others.

We provide many fun games to play. Each game has different objectives and mechanics so we always have something for everyone. Together with the community and the developers, we make things that people want and love to play, something different from other minecraft servers.

WollyMC Store

The WollyMC Store is a way to support WollyMC.

Buying something from the store helps us in the development of wollymc. And in return you get some awesome perks.

Purchasing something is not required to enjoy wollyMC. WollyMC is 100% free to play and you can't buy any items that will give you an advantage in any game. We want WollyMC to be fair for everyone, also the non premium players. Though there are items that will boost your ingame progress, these will not only affect you but also affect other players on the server. This way it won't give you an unfair advantage and also makes you generous to others ;)

All purchases are protected through various payment gateways and are delivered within 10 minutes of purchase. If you have any issues or questions please email support@wollymc.com